Buyers Closing Process

Congratulations on your purchase! The next step is to retain a Notary to prepare the paperwork such as the property transfer and mortgage if applicable. Please give your Notaries contact information to your real estate professional and to your mortgage lender.

The real estate offices involved will forward the Purchase and Sale Contract to your Notary for their information and review, and your mortgage lender will forward the details of the mortgage to prepare.

The Notary will also need full legal names, and occupations, of all owners going on title, and the same information for any guarantors. If more than one person is going on title the Notary needs to know how you wish to take ownership, either as Joint Tenants, or Tenants in Common. ( Contact your Notary for details )

Once the Notary has received the above mentioned information they can prepare the paperwork. All purchasers going on title, and on the mortgage will be required to visit the office with two pieces of identification to sign the paperwork. The appointment is typically a few days before closing or sooner, if possible.


Contact Details & Hours

          Brenda Balogh Notary Corporation
                       #130-1208 Homer Street
                   Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2Y5

           Tel: 604-685-1544 Cell:778-385-1672
                      Fax: 1-866-251-6048


                Notarization Hours

     Monday - Thursday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

               Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM

                Due to Co-Vid 19,
            We are unable to accept
   Walk-Ins without an appointment.

            Please call or email to
            book an appointment.

        Please check my real time updates
      below for any service interuptions.